Marion Bartoli and anorexia : she accuses the ex who has “destroyed little by little,”

Long uncomfortable with his body, Marion Bartoli has been through a few years complicated at the end of his sporting career. Whereas, in the summer of 2014, she lost six kilos, it will only continue to melt like snow in the sun. In 2016, it appears to be metamorphosed.

The micro Purepeople, she spoke of her loss impressive weight justifying it by both health problems and a history of heart toxic, during which her ex-boyfriend was constantly belittled. “I had this weight loss, which was much too fast, to meet my former companion, and, above all, which was incompatible with my morphology because I could not maintain a weight of 52 kilos without having to starve. I was input into an anorexic cycle that was dramatic“, we she entrusted.

This person to me has simply destroyed

In February 2016, after taking part in a shooting photo in India, she gets bitten by a mosquito – “I’ve had 15 days of fever up to 40 degrees” – and this is the beginning of the descent to the underworld. “Without a doubt that this mosquito had bacteria. (…) I lost three pounds because I could not feed me. I went down to 49 kilos and the problems that followed were the result of all this, “she said. At the time, it will even have ended up not weigh 43 kilos… “But the initial process is due to this person who told me just destroyed little by little and methodically, until I have had the feeling of no longer having to exist “, she adds.

To look slimmer in the eyes of his former lover, Marion Bartoli will starve. “I drank a lot of Coke Light because there are no calories, it fills you stomach and you have the impression that you have eaten something. (…) I only ate the green salad and cucumber, “she said. At a given time, it consumes only 400 calories per day, his only pleasure being the “time time fruit“.

Fortunately, now everything is going well for the ex-player. “Today, I couldn’t feel better !“, we had it sworn.

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