Marion Bartoli : “Not easy to read that my father was half-crazy”

In Reborn, Marion Bartoli holds to re-establish the truth regarding his open relationship with his father Walter, which has long been maligned and often criticized for his training methods, however unconventional. “No one understands me (…) Only dad has the patience to adapt to my shortcomings, “she wrote. She came back on this particular relationship at the micro

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I knew to the penny how much it was spending money

In his book, the ex-tennis player aged 34 years because of his father, the red thread of his story. It must be said that this last, doctor who installed his family in the small town of Retournac (Haute-Loire), had decided to make the dream of his daughter a real life project. To the point of making big financial sacrifices, by investing all his savings (300 000 francs at the time) in the career of Marion… “My father put me in front of my responsibilities very young. I knew to the penny how much it was spending money for me (…) My mom depended on the financial reserves of my dad and I also ( … ), and when you’re junior, you don’t win money then I had three years to succeed and pass at least in the top 100 world“, we she entrusted. A heavy responsibility when one is only 16 years old…

Not always easy to read that my father was half crazy

Walter Bartoli decided to analyze and study so as almost scientific strengths and weaknesses of his daughter, but also those of his opponents ! With the help of his notes and his observations, he experimented with his daughter’s techniques always different (electrostimulation, rod of lead on the racket, tubings, weight to the knees…) and promises him with each defeat that he would “find a solution“. Critics, Marion Bartoli sweeps of a brush of the hand. “This has not always been clear for me to read that my father was half crazy (…) It was mostly my mom who was affected by this, she lived very badly (…) The advantage, in the sport, it is that it is the results that speak before all“, does not lack, does it not underline. And his victory at Wimbledon in 2013 gives him reason.

Today, while she took his retirement from the sport, Marion Bartoli remains close to his father. “I continue to take the advice of my dad, in all areas (…) and I still do the workout of tennis, sometimes with my father, and, besides, I love them“, she added.

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