Marion Bartoli tells about the blows down : Ropes broken, shoes with holes…

With Reborn, Marion Bartoli book of the most touching confidences about his life and his career as a tennis player. It hides nothing of his relations with his outspoken father and trainer, to his stories of heart or even of his professional career marked by highs (the pinnacle with victory at Wimbledon) and of the bottom.

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Passionate about tennis since his younger years, Marion Bartoli has been able to count on the unfailing support of his father Walter to make it evolve up to the point of its entry in the world top 10 – 7th in 2012, his best ranking WTA. Before getting there, it has increased the tournaments and junior and remembers the wickedness of its competitors… “In adults there is a little bit more professionalism, but as a junior, you actually have to constantly watch your bag because you could find your rackets with your ropes broken, cut, the shoes with holes in the scissors, ( … ) there was a camaraderie, frantic. The girls were almost ready to do anything to beat you“, she entrusted to

Marion Bartoli, who is now 34 years old, explains the reasons why most young people had this kind of practices deplorable. “There was a lot of competition for very few people. As a junior, this is where you can start to win contracts because agents are starting to come to see you, because brands prefer to sign you when you are young and that, between quotation marks, you’re not much…“, she explained.

The ex-champion does not miss to emphasize in his book that even the few friendships that developed among the juniors quickly disappear over the years. She remembers, as well as the young Maria Sharapova, against whom she trained ado at the request of the father of the star Russian, had stopped him to say even hello once in the pros…

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