Marion Cotillard always rock and sexy nearly 10 years after The small handkerchiefs

It’s been nine and a half years that Marion Cotillard has presented The small handkerchiefs ! It was in the fall of 2010, and today she reveals the continuation of the film to the 5 million entries, We’ll end up together. Always led by her lover, the father of her children Marcel (soon to be 8 years old) and Louise (2 years old), the French star was at the two pre-screenings of these films very rock and stylish. In our slideshow, find the images of the two nights with the actress oscar winner ! Strapless leather mini-skirt showing the word Chanel : her looks to meet nine years apart.

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The years passed, Marion Cotillard is still shining, but his character in We will end up together, Mary, has evolved. In Madame Figaro, the actress was back on his role : “It was a side of sunlight in The small handkerchiefs, even if she was also questioning, and in a form of self-destruction, but the sun is hid. Between 30 and 40 years of age, his illusions have fallen. She is disillusioned and has created a system of protection to suffer no more. She has experienced bereavement, a break up, and now views his life as an accumulation of constraints. Suddenly, she is driven into a negative spiral, and nothing soothes. In the first film, Guillaume was a little inspired by me. This time, Mary is more like me really. I chose a different path : I am looking for something solar, positive, free.

Today, Marion Cotillard is also involved in ecology and produced the documentary Bigger Than Us Flora Breaker, which follows young activists from around the world. The former teenager not very well in his sneakers turned into a butterfly, who gives to his loved ones, his family and his children, for which she has slowed down her film career and Hollywood more specifically. She wants to turn to the authentic using various methods, be it singing, dance, or hypnosis with the technique EMDR “which allows you to release emotionally from his trauma“. Assume its past, act in the present and look to the future, this could be the credo of the star Cotillard !

We will end up together, in theaters may 1, 2019