Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet so in love : The grand finale with their friends

United as always, Guillaume Canet and his companion Marion Cotillard posed lovingly at the photocall of the premiere of the film We will end up together at the Gaumont Opera in Paris on April 29, 2019. The director and his favorite actress, parents of Louise (2 years) and Marcel (7 and a half years), have been feeling under the spotlight to celebrate the release of the result of the Small Handkerchiefs, after a marathon tour in the whole of France.

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Under the applause of the audience happy to find the famous band of friends in the French cinema, the film crew had gathered in joy and good mood. Thus, around the a couple of stars, shone’s best friend – in real life as on the screensGilles Lellouche, Benoît Magimel, the former (on-screen and off-shelf) François Cluzet and Valérie Bonneton, Pascale Arbillot and the oyster farmer actor Joel Dupuch, but also the newcomers Jose Garcia, Clémentine Baert and Jean-René Privat.

The names of the VIP of the guest list of this projection were particularly varied : you could cross Gad Elmaleh, who asked not far from the figure of the French open tennis, Alize Lim, Isabelle Doval, the wife of José Garcia, Nicolas Bedos, Caroligne Vigneaux, Vincent Desagnat, the wife of Thiago Silva Isabele, Manu Payet, Séverine Ferrer, Raphael, Laurent Olmedo, Victoria Monfort or Philippe Rozier. The latter is a French rider, olympic champion in show jumping, the passion of the filmmaker Canet.

We will end up together, in theaters may 1, 2019, allows us to find the band of friends discovered in 2010 in The Small Handkerchiefs. The friends of Max (Cluzet) landed in her beautiful holiday home, three years after being seen for the last time. Max then sinks into a comedy of happiness that rings false and that will put the group in situations to say the least, unexpected. The kids have grown up, others are born, the parents no longer have the same priorities… the separations, and The accidents of life… When all decide not to make small handkerchiefs on the big fibs, what else is there friendship ?