Marvel : A robot Ubtech you slip into the skin of Iron Man

I am Iron Man

Black Sabbath sang, Ubtech has done. The robotics company is developing the MK50, the first humanoid inspired by the MCU. For the sum of 299 euros all the same, the company promises you to become Iron Man. So no, it is not a combination to human size, or armor of metal, but a figure able to move around. To animate it, it will be necessary to have a smartphone and the app “Companion”. The experience is personalised, since the little robot can take on the appearance of its holder. By using a photo and an audio file, the user can give it life. We have to open the visor to reveal your true identity.

Gadget and company

The brand is pushing the detail up to create a defense system that thrills the SHIELD. The protocol Iron Guard with sensor lights protect your armor from potential thieves or destructive. The sound and light signals notify you of an intrusion, a feature essential to protect your valuable armor.

An experiment in augmented reality

To complete the experience, the team has developed an application in augmented reality for the players to play as the most famous of the Avengers. To save the universe, the man of metal will have to face enemies such as the Chitauri, or Ebony Maw, one of the minions of Thanos. Using a tablet or a smartphone, it will be observed the universe around you to rid New York city of its invaders. Avengers, assemble !

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For fans ultimate ready to pay 299 €, the figurine is available now on and