Meghan Markle and Harry : The funny response from William on the birth of the baby

The prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who lives on the end of her pregnancy away from prying eyes and the excitement in the media at their home in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage, will they be the feat to keep secret the birth of their first child, which was announced for the end of the month of April ? Are they managed and the happy event has already occurred without the knowledge of all, even ask some ? While the interested parties have indicated that there would be no public presentation of the royal baby, they can count on the loyalty of prince William and his ability to dodge the questions invasive.

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In a video produced by a member of the public on the occasion of the two-day visit of the duke of Cambridge in New Zealand at the end of the month of April, in the framework of the Anzac Day, and to show the support of the Crown following the terrorist attacks in Christchurch last march 15, we discovered that the brother of the prince Harry has found a parade unexpected questions insistent on coming into the world soon and his little nephew or niece : “I don’t have my phone on me, I don’t know. You guys will know before me as it is party !“, he replicated. Nicely kicked into touch !

The prince William most certainly knows more that he wants to say, as much as the duchess Catherine and himself have made a small visit to their sister-in-law at her home Sunday, April 21, at Frogmore Cottage, having just attended the Easter mass in the chapel of St-George next door, where the duchess of Sussex had not moved. But he has the experience of three pregnancies of his wife Kate to foil the plans of the admirers to make him spill the beans.