Meghan Markle and the royal birth : an ambulance and it is panic !

Then that Meghan Markle is waiting peacefully for the birth of his first child with prince Harry behind the walls of the Frogmore Cottage where they moved a few months ago, it seems far away the time where the whole world’s media were on the foot of crane in front of the wing Lindo of St Mary’s hospital in full London in the meantime to see Kate Middleton admitted, a sign of the countdown to ultimate !

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Speculation about a possible home birth of the duchess of Sussex, as queen Elizabeth II did so for her four children, has made the task even more difficult for those who want to detect the signs of a royal birth imminent. Was such that the slightest flutter of a butterfly’s wing seems likely to trigger the alarm… this is what happened on Friday 26 April 2019, when the presence of an ambulance near the cottage the duke and duchess of Sussex has been perceived by some as having a link with the birth of the former actress, as well as reported by the weekly People ! Still a shot in the water : it was only a driving school for the training of the paramedics who was doing his exercises in the area… Not transfer to the duchess of Sussex in the immediate future !

Sunday 28 April 2019, the royal baby, who will take the seventh place in the order of succession to the british throne and will have dual nationality, american and british, has not yet given any sign of an arrival any next, his dad, prince Harry has even time to honor his function as patron of the charity fund of the London marathon, on the arrival of which it is made in the middle of the day.

A birth secret… and a great trip official ?

Regarding the sequence of events, the mystery remains, as the court has not disclosed the details of the delivery. It could, rumoured to be persistent, to take place at home in Windsor, and without the participation of emeriti Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston, doctors of the queen Elizabeth II which have been dedicated to the birth of prince George, the princess Charlotte and prince Louis of Cambridge. A helicopter, however, remains parked at the side of the Frogmore Cottage for the case where Meghan should be routed to a hospital. The assumption of a home birth, an option chosen by the monarch for his four children, would confirm the desire of the duke and duchess of Sussex to preserve their family privacy. They have also made it very officially that there would be no public presentation of the child immediately after birth ; also a close of Meghan Markle has even confided to the New York Post that she would be “sorry for Kate Middleton” that the latter had to stand undressed in front of the media around the world a few hours after giving birth to each of her three children.

Harry and Meghan would already have formed a grand project for their baby : they prévoieraient to take her with them in Africa, a region of the world dear to their hearts, from next autumn on the occasion of an official visit, according to information revealed by the Sunday Times. “They hope to take the baby with them but will make their decision in a timely manner. It could also be that Meghan and the baby are a part of the journey“, indicates the source of the british newspaper. Harry was 2 years old during his first moments in Africa with Lady Diana, in 1985.