Melania Trump has 49 years : Neglected by Donald and covered with ridicule !

Friday 26 April 2019, Melania Trump celebrated his 49th birthday. A special day during which the First Lady of the United States has received many messages from his loved ones, and users, of what certainly warm his heart. However, we cannot say that the former model has been able to boast of a declaration of love or even a attention special public on the part of her husband, Donald Trump.

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The american president, who was always very inventive and extrovert in his tweets, is, however, not trodden to celebrate his wife. On Facebook, he just posted a collage of photos of his beautiful smiles with the very short caption : “Happy birthday to our amazing First Lady Melania Trump.” A message judged to be impersonal to many internet users who are accustomed to a Donald Trump more vocal when it comes to policy or climate, among others.

In spite of everything, the day before, Donald Trump sent a letter to several of his supporters, asking for a million signatures to deliver a birthday card to Melania. An idea not so original since it was already his gift last year. “I need your help. The birthday of our FANTASTIC First Lady, Melania, is imminent and I want to do something special for her because she is so special to me. We all know that Melania is a wife, a mother and a first lady incredible. Help me to show him how the american people love it !”

If Donald Trump has not shown particularly in love, the official Twitter account of the White House was far to catch the blow. “Happy birthday to you”, said the message accompanied by an image of Ms. Trump sitting alone on a couch and surrounded d’a twenty photographers in the full year. Thee choice of the photo, a little bombastic, has provoked numerous reactions, and the image was quickly diverted. “This is a photo really sucks. Why not wish her a happy birthday with a picture of her doing something ?”, What a beautiful picture of Melania with her faithful companion, a couch cushion”, To wish him a happy birthday, you post a photo of it look miserable in a room full of people, with their cameras directed to someone else in the room? Chic”, could be read among the critics, while the photomontages mad broke. A meme for the anniversary of Melania ? She did not ask for much.