Michèle Bernier, a happy grandmother : “It’s better than all the facelifts !”

The popular Michèle Bernier has found a second youth from thatshe became a grandmother.

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Asked about this new status by the magazine, the two of Us, the actress and comedian, 62-year-old whose daughter Charlotte (32 years old) was allowed, in September 2017, the twins, Romeo and Zoe ruled : “It gives a peach of hell, it is better that all the liftings of the earth ! It is wonderful to see the happiness of my daughter, my son-in-law and even my son [Enzo, 23 years old, editor’s NOTE], which is a super uncle. See the whole family gathered around these two small pieces of cabbage, these are moments of happiness that refresh the blood.” And to continue its momentum : “Be a grandmother, it is not only fun, it provides support, you will have less responsibilities, it is only there to advise.

Also asked about his celibacy, Michèle Bernier has informed : “I have the impression that the ideal man does not really exist. The passenger of my life don’t stay, and my third great love has not yet arrived at the destination. For a man, the reputation of a woman is complicated, it is not easy to accept Mr. Bernier, it makes them laugh at the beginning, but they need to have a life that fills completely to agree not to attract attention.

As a reminder, Michèle Bernier is the daughter of the late professor Choron and the former girlfriend of Bruno Gaccio, the father of her two children.

An interview to find it in full in the magazine, the two of Us, currently in the kiosks.