Michelle Williams talks about his daughter : her father Heath Ledger would have been 40 years

On the set of Brokeback Mountain, Michelle Williams falls under the spell of her partner Heath Ledger. It is in 2004 and, during three years, the couple will write a beautiful love story, marked by the birth of his daughter, Matilda, now 13 years old. The lovebirds put an end to their relationship and, a year later, the actor dies, the victim of a drug overdose. Eleven years after the tragedy, the actress confides on the tv show Live with Kelly and Ryan on April 4, 2019, a date that corresponds to the 40th anniversary of the father of her daughter.

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Very discreet, it is unlikely that Michelle Williams is entitled to express his views on his family. This time, she tells the story of what it like to raise only one, at 38 years old, a child of 13 years. Asked about his relationship with his daughter, she replies simply : “Pour the time, all goes well. Every morning, I look if I see any transformation and if it is input in the phase [adolescence] which we talk about so much. But we’re not there yet.” What the animators of the show to him throw : “If all goes well at this stage, it means that it can go on like this.” According to them, the actress got an oscar must feel lucky to have certainly avoided the crisis of rebellion that usually occurs at that age.

Michelle Williams has managed to preserve his daughter, his priority, of the media whirlwind of the sudden death of Heath Ledger. Protected and (almost) out of sight, Matilda can grow in confidence, under the kindly eyes of his mom. After various relationships, including the director Spike Jonze and actor of How I Met Your Mother Jason Segel, the heroine of Dawson was married to the musician of the indie rock Phil Elverum, in July last.