Mobile plan : our comparator plans by April 2019

You know what you need

The offers and promotions of mobile packages, this is not what is lacking, and it is so much the better : we have neither the same needs nor the same requirements nor the same budget. Some are looking for the lowest fare, whatever the cost, others a maximum of mobile data, a package without commitment, limited for most young people, the opportunity to offer a new smartphone… To find the shoe that fits, it is necessary to pass by the box : what do I really need and what are my financial limitations ?

If your budget is tight, perhaps it is better to turn to a limited time offer that will allow you to make a first choice between promoting the call time or the amount of data available. Also see if it is better to opt for a formula that is blocked or not in order to avoid extra charges and surprises on your monthly invoice as an overflow of your package or subscribe to pay services and purchases. It is better to prevent than to cure, it’s worth including the blow for parents looking for a package for their children.

Are you greedy in your data consumption ? If you are rather in a use enough reasonable data, there is no point taking more than 100 Mb. It is enough to check mails or surf from time to time on the web. To view on a daily basis of the sites and enjoy a bit of music or video streaming, it is better to turn to for offers up to 30 Gb per month. Finally, if you use your smartphone as a real small handheld computer (websites, streaming, social networks, online games) it is necessary to think about investing in a formula from a 50 Gb or even 100 Gb.

Finally, all the offers do not present the same accessibility, or monitoring. There are packages that cannot be purchased in-store, but only through the Internet. Often, these formulas do not have an after-sales service as effective or easy to access as the RED de SFR or those of the virtual operators.

The different types of offers

To have a better overview of the offers available, here is a list of the different types of formulas :

  • The entries range : in exchange for a few euros, you get a package very basic with a duration of calls and number of SMS limited.
  • The without commitment : more permissive, packages without a subscription, you can change provider whenever you like, without paying the additional cost at the time of the transition. The ideal if you are the type to monitor the offers !
  • With commitment : The package with the subscription has the advantage of making more accessible the price of a new smartphone since you pay it in several times. Proposed for a commitment of 12 or 24 months, you have interest to choose carefully, because to put an end to can be costly. Finally, take care to properly calculate the final price of the phone to ensure that it is not more expensive than elsewhere.
  • The blocked : The operators provide packages that are blocked, thus preventing any nasty surprises at the end of the month. Thus, no abuse ! This is what is advocated for younger people.
  • Pre-paid : If you do not want to subscribe to a package, there is always a solution of the pre-paid type mobile card ! They allow you to pay upstream of the communication, but be careful, they also have an expiry date.

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