Mylène Farmer sensual in the arms of a handsome young man

Mylène Farmer still attracts. Within two months, the huge French singer occur nine times in Paris La Defense Arena, the largest hall in Europe with 40 000 seats. The artist, 57-year-old-year-old just turn his next clip, tears. As reported by Gala, she invited a person who is especially close to my heart : the charming Stanley Weber, son of the actor of the same name.

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The pretty boy of 32 years appears more sensual than ever, posing with a lot of respondent in the arms of Mylène Farmer. A shot in black and white particularly intense issued on the account Instagram of the actor, Sunday 28 April 2019. The artist is wearing a black shirt and a bra lace very worked that the sublime.

According to Gala, Mylène Farmer would have chosen Stanley Weber, “forhis work in the series Borgia and Outlander.” But the famous interpreter of non-infringement would have been charmed by her practice of the dance, carnal passion that they have in common. All that has given place to “hugs choreographed a rare sensuality“. The new clip of Mylène Farmer should, therefore, reveal “tears of sorrow, joy” and would see ” before “mid-may“.