Nabilla pregnant, her ultrasound : First video of her baby moving…

Nabilla, pregnant with her first child, is back at her home in London after a long getaway american… and she comes to “see” her baby for the first time !

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In fact, after having chained up the looks sharp and extravagant to Coachella, and after having exhibited proudly his baby bump on several occasions during his journey in love, the fiancée of Thomas Vergara, who has spent his 3rd month of pregnancy, has revealed the behind the scenes london of his first ultrasound.

This April 23, 2019, the ex-star of reality tv has published a story Instagram, in which we see lying as she discovers the first pictures of her baby in the process of moving through an ultrasound. “omg, I’m in the middle of happiness“, she simply writes to comment on this unique moment in a life.

A few hours earlier, still on Instagram, she took the time to write a long post to the attention of her fiancé in the caption of a photo of the two of them. “From the first glance, I knew it was you. In six months, we will be three… I don’t realize it yet. I am so impressed and so happy. Thank you life for giving us the chance to become parents. I love you more than anything in the world my love @vergarathomas“, launched it publicly.

As a reminder, this is the 10 April that the star 27-year-old has made official the news of her pregnancy with our colleagues from Paris Match. Since then, she has confided in 50 minutes Inside (TF1) why she would love to have a girl.