Netflix : new movies and series that are flooding the platform in may 2019

If many films and series episodes leave the famous platform each month, Netflix adds new content to its catalogue, and the month of may 2019 may be loaded. Mark your calendar !

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile : may 3, 2019

It is a far cry to the time when Zac Efron sang in High School Musical. In Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the actor slips into the skin of Ted Bundy, a famous serial killer in american in the 70’s.

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The Last Summer : may 3, 2019

Featuring K. J Apa, alias Archie Andrews in Riverdale, The Last Summer we will embark on the trails crowded with people from the romantic comedy american teenager, in a group of young people who meet during the summer that separates the entrance to the University.

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Dead to me (season 1) : the may 3, 2019

Dead to me we will see hatch an improbable friendship between a widow, inconsolable, and a free woman of spirit.

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The Society (season 1) : the may 10, 2019

In The Society, teenagers are transported into an alternate version of their city of New-England. They will then try to find their reality while trying to survive in a hostile world.

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The Rain (season 2) : may 17, 2019

This month of may also marks the return of The Rain, the series of the Danish Netflix that takes us in a post apocalyptic world after a virus has decimated more than half of the population.

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The Perfection : may 24, 2019

Ersatz trash of Black Swan, The Perfection we will explore the encounter between Charlotte (Allison Williams), cellist talented, but a little disturbed, and Elizabeth (Logan Browning), a new student, popular in her old school.

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  • A weekend in Napa : may 10, 2019
  • Lucifer (season 4) : may 12, 2019
  • It’s Bruno (season 1) : may 17, 2019
  • When they see us : may 31, 2019
  • When They See Us (season 1) on : may 31, 2019
  • How to Sell Drugs Online : may 31, 2019