Neymar (PSG) hit a supporter of rennes : the video rotates, the Brazilian assumes

When his young team-mate Christopher Nkunku has sent his shot at goal well above the cage, which was guarded by Tomas Koubek and Rennes – and with them the whole family Pinault – have exploded with joy, the winners of the French Cup, Neymar said he thought that the evening could then be even more wrong ? Haggard on the lawn of the Stade de France and then on the bench of PSG in waiting for the trophy ceremony, the Brazilian accused the coup, he had yet put his team on the rails, but it was not the end of his sentences.

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Smuggler decisive in the 13th minute, scoring in the 21st, Neymar Jr. thought without doubt certainly have put Paris Saint-Germain in an ideal position to go out and glean a 5th Coupe de France in a row (and a 13th in the club’s history). It was without counting on the resistance and determination of the Stage of Rennes, which is income to pitch (2-2) then forced PSG to play a session of shots on goal coming in gasps. Again, the star brazilian did not flinch, deceiving with a lot of malice the doorman opposing. It was not enough.

For long minutes, Neymar took refuge in silence, prostrate, eyes dark, in the shelter of the Parisians on the edge of the field. Then came the moment, it is painful, to go and get the medal devoted to the finalists unhappy. While the Parisians climbed up the stairs to get to the podium installed in the official forum for the trophy ceremony, undergoing the passage of the taunts and verbal attacks of some of the spectators survoltés and not very fine, the attacker is 24 years of age has not supported to be yelling and said physically, like hitting a bear. The website of the daily newspaper The Team has unveiled a video provided by the support of rennes in question, a certain Edward, driver, 28-year-old native of Nantes who would be friends with one of the players of the Tennis Stadium, after the PSG, as quoted by RMC. “On a video, and that the latter has sent us, detailing our confreres of the great sports daily, one hears a voice, hers, call, first, Gianluigi Buffon (“Oh Monkeys, dirty buffoon”), Kurzawa (“keep your hand”) and it seems to speak to Marco Verratti a “racist”. Before, therefore, start to Neymar : “Oh, going to learn to play football, you !” After scoring a stoppage time, Neymar then launched a coup, which has reached its target. “The security of the PSG is coming to see me to tell me that they were going to fix it. Here, I am trembling all over, I have the lip open and I bled from the nose“, said Edouard to The Team in the evening, referring to his intention to lodge a complaint.