Nicole Kidman : the Few confidences on his children Connor and Bella, scientologists

Recently, they have even been talking about them for their relationship with the church of Scientology, of which Tom Cruise is a spokesperson for well-known : Isabella has extolled the virtues of the sect, while his father would have blacklisted their mother’s marriage to Connor with a “princess scientologist“… “I have to take care of these relationships. I know 150% that I would give my life for my children, because this is my goal, “says Nicole Kidman. They are adults. They are capable of making their own decisions. They have made the choice to be scientologists, and, as a mother, it’s my job to love.

Married to country singer Keith Urban since now thirteen years old, Nicole Kidman has also had two daughters with him : Faith (age 8) and Sunday (10 years). During the interview, the actress of Big Little Lies has explained that she imposed limits to its cadets, at the point of becoming “unpopular” with them : “They do not have a phone and I don’t allow Instagram.”