Nolwenn Leroy : Rare confidences on “the addiction” of his companion

They live an idyll for more than ten years. Since their meeting in 2008, Nolwenn Leroy , and the former tennis player Arnaud Clément did more left. On July 13, 2017, after years of happiness, the couple welcomed an adorable little Sailor (1 year and a half). The singer, who came out recently his 9th album, Folk, was the guest of Michel Cymes in the program, It will not come out of here.

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The doctor of the paf was questioned about his companion, on which we do not know finally few things. “What is this that is painful when we go out with a beautiful sports ?“, queries Michel Cymes. “The bigorexie, because this is not any sport. This is an athlete who has never done much sport since he stopped playing tennis. It is a form of addiction, “explains the winner of the Star Academy 2. For those who don’t know, the bigorexie is an addiction to the sport, whatever it is. It has been recognized since 2011 as hazardous by the world health Organization, even if it affects mainly the sport of bodybuilding.

Arnaud Clement, 41 years old, took his official retirement in 2012, after a distinguished career, marked by his victory in the Davis Cup, in 2001. The adrenaline of the game of rackets seemed much to miss him if we are to believe the words of his companion.

The parents of the little Sailor only made the few small confidences about their privacy. When Arnaud Clement confided,”many love songs” by Nolwenn Leroy, she admitted to sometimes play tennis with his companion. “It’s complicated when even ! I am so competitive… I have the feeling deep inside me that I can maybe score a point and in fact… Sometimes I get angry and then he said to me, ‘No, you are not going crazy not, if you going crazy, we’re not playing any more’. It is a sacred proof of love, it !“, confided it to I love you etc.