Olympe (The Voice) hospitalized, it remains “positive”

Bad news for Olympus ! The young singer, 29-year-old announced on her social networks on Friday 26 April 2019 have been hospitalized. On Instagram, the former candidate of The Voice has released photos of him bedridden. What has not failed to arouse concern among his fans all the more the reason for his admission is still unknown.

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“Thank you for your posts, the doctors still do not know what I have. I hope to be out soon“, he said. After what he showed himself to be grateful for the attention given by his followers. “I think about all those lonely people who do not have the chance to receive the support that I can receive your share (…) Some don’t know you, and will yet send you messages to make your new while other relatives do not even care to know if you’re alright.”

On Twitter, Joffrey Boulanger, his real name was required to reassure and promised to stay “positive“. Very quickly, the comments kind have multiplied. “Good recovery, I send you lots of good vibes”, “wholeheartedly with you”, “come Back to us in shape, “reads one.

Before this unfortunate hospitalization, everything seemed to be going well for Olympus. A few weeks ago, he was spreading his happiness to be become “tonton” : “Already a great happiness for us to welcome this little Lulu in the family.” A happy event which reminds her of her desire to become daddy’s turn. Married for three years at Julien Van Der Drisch, he hopes to realize a project of adoption.