Paga (Marseille) disappointed by Adixia : This lie that he has it wrong !

The romance between Paga et Adixia is completed in 2017, during the second season of the Marseille VS. the rest of the world, after about three years of love. The former lovebirds are in a time remained in contact, for their musical duo of DJ, and then they eventually take different paths.

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The young man came to the South did not expect not to see his ex disembark in Marseille Asian Tour. However, the DJ and singer 26-year-old is, in fact, came on the shoot with the other former candidates of the Ch’tis, Tressia, Jordan, and Vincent Shogun. A shock to Paga (31 years old) !

I reacted very badly, it was I who opened the door. I saw the head of Shogun and then hers… I said to myself : ‘She is still there, but that is what she has to do ?’ In fact, she did not come to see me. She came because there were his friends on the Ch’tis and that she wanted to dig in Asia. But she knew very well that I was there… then don’t come ! In the end it’s going to, it went well. Finally… there has been a lot of things. There has been a divorce, we’ll say. What has disappointed me is that she told me that she would no longer do adventures and, in the end, it comes. I wondered why she was lying to me. In fact, she didn’t want to tell me that, otherwise she knew that I would take it badly“, has given us the Marseillais.

The walls of the villa could therefore tremble soon in the reality-tv W9. As a reminder, Adixia file today the perfect love with Jim, a DJ. Paga is a single the latest news. If he has lived a romance with Jessica at Marseille Asian Tour, the latter was assured that they were no longer together today.

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