Pete Doherty hospitalized after a bad encounter… unlikely

Pete Doherty, which we all know, excesses of all kinds, has been admitted to hospital because of a small hedgehog.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019, the rocker 40-year-old has revealed on his page Facebook official and his Twitter account his misadventure with this small mammal insectivore : “A photo of me at the hospital because of an injury that became infected caused by the thorns of a hedgehog. Thank you to all the men and women who work for the NHS [National Health Service, the health system English, editor’s NOTE]. They are angels who deserve our utmost respect and our thanks.” It is not known if the rocker has been able to get out in the stride.

Theformer companion of Kate Moss, rocker beloved of The Libertines and Babyshambles, poses in this photo with the hand covered with a thick bandage. Then of course, we would have liked to know in what circumstances Pete Doherty has made this bad encounter that could have cost him his hand if it had not been taken care of in time… on The eve of this passage to the hospital, the rocker and his girlfriend Katia de Vidas were photographed in the district of Shoreditch in London. You can see on the photos the serious injury of Pete to the left index finger.

In the latest issue of Paris Match, in which he presents his new group, Puta Madres, Pete Doherty confided to about his bad habits : “I drink less, I take less drugs, I lead a life a little more calm. I was 40 years old this year, I would have had to die at the age of 27, according to legend…” When you come back from so far away, that it has consumed as many drugs and by some miracle it is passed between the drops, this would still be no bowl of chicken due to a small hedgehog.