Philips wants to finish with the snoring

The SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band Philips is a belt that is worn under the chest. The sensor has a small screen and, especially, a vibrating motor : as soon as the wearer starts to snore (usually when he sleeps on his back), it sends a small jolt. Not enough to wake up the user, but enough to force it to change position…

A sensor discreet, vibrates

The sensor is clever enough. It relies on machine learning to determine the strength of the vibration (the body is likely to adjust to shocks) as a function of the position of the sleeper. The screen minimalist displays the status of the battery, and it should wake up person when it lights up. The device has one USB port-C for charging.

Bonus non-negligible, the Band is relatively unobtrusive, unlike other solutions anti-snoring that give an air of cyborg to the user. Snoring is not a joke : it may be the harbinger of sleep apnea, therefore it is necessary to closely monitor these small uncomfortable noise.

Less serious but no less annoying, snoring may also prevent his or her bed partner to sleep… according To a study unveiled by Philips, 40% of adult men and 24% of women snore.