Pierre Palmade and the grief of his father : “I want a little to my mother now”

Unveiling his autobiography Tell my father that I am famous, Pierre Palmade is bared. The artist book also in an interview, or interviews, which coincide with the sad episode which he was the victim of the April 10, 2019 : his custody is a result of bad encounter, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In The World, thehumorist , the 51-year-old puts it alongside the right words to show the other side of the star, that of a wounded man. To start with, the pain of childhood : the death of his father.

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For The World, Pierre Palmade discusses the death of his father, a brutal, while he was a child : “He was a good father who had the admiration and love for his children. My God, that I lack ! He was an obstetrician, head of clinic, it was the doctor Palmade. I was proud, and I am always proud to say that my father was a doctor, and my mother a professor. One night, he had to leave for a birth, and has been in a car accident. I was 8 years old. I don’t understand this non-return.”

How to overcome the grief ? His mother did everything to protect her children from this sorrow. She then made a radical decision in not doing them attend the funeral : “It was too violent that we write this disappearance. So she wanted to retain a kind of denial, a blur. For a very long time, I thought it great that she wanted to protect us from this sadness. But how do you stay in waiting for the return of someone who will not return ? I resent that a little bit now, because I know that not to be the mourning was affected by unfortunate on us. There is that in the last five years that I could not expect more, that I realized his death. But I know that he is in me.

You can watch the full interview with Pierre Palmade in The World of April 27, 2019