Pierre Palmade traumatized : “It has become crazy, has trashed my apartment”

This April 10, 2019 is a date that will long haunt Pierre Palmade. It is in the evening which preceded his time in custody, the result of a bad encounter. The comedian and actor, 51-year-old had been heard in the 1st district judicial police in paris before its guard is eventually lifted. A 19 year-old, Abdel H., who was accused of rape after having spent the night at the paris home of the artist, is quickly retracted his accusations. The partner of Michèle Laroque and Muriel Robin is first expressed briefly on his Twitter account, explaining that he is endeavouring to get back to work. Now, it is income in more detail about this traumatic incident in The World , and The Parisian, at the time of the release of his autobiography Tell my father that I am famous (ed HarperCollins).

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I’ve been to a bad meeting.

In the two daily newspapers in French, Pierre Palmade addresses, without seeing, his addiction to the drug that resulted in a painful situation : custody, certainly lifted since he was not guilty of the alleged offences, but ultramédiatisée : “After months of abstinence, I thought I would be in relief. But, that night, I was vulnerable, I drank again and I resumed the use of cocaine. I’ve made a bad encounter in a bar with a boy who had taken the same drugs and who agreed to come home with me. But, for the sake of our state, we messed up, and I asked him to leave. He did not want me and said : ‘Since it is like that, I’m going to destroy your career and tell that you had me drugged and violated.’ It has become crazy, has trashed my apartment, “says Pierre Palmade in The World. In Le Parisien, he stated that he had called the police to stop the actions of her lover for the evening. If they do not believe that the so-called victim has been raped and drugged, they put the comedian and his accuser in police custody every two to verify the facts. Two hours after, “the guy cracked and confessed that he had lied” but already a part of the press packs.

40-year-old, I understood that I was not an epicurean, but an alcoholic cocaine addict who.

Where a trauma obvious to Pierre Palmade, who was then away from the drug for months. He has been the victim of a relapse : “It hits you as if you were possessed.” (Le Parisien) He acknowledged taking cocaine : “I’m going to have a fine and will have to confirm that I am in recovery.” (The World) This episode is one too many in the face of this demon drug-that it “ruins your life since the age of 20 years“, as he admits clearly in The Parisian. For this daily, he adds : “at the age of 40, I realized that I was no longer an epicurean, but an alcoholic cocaine addict who. For a year, I’m taking things in hand and do everything to stop this fucking cocaine. Drug addiction is a disease, illegal in addition, it is difficult to talk about it.

The cinema, why not ?

More than ever, Pierre Palmade must be vigilant, “life” : “I turn the page of show business to do the job in a way that is more peaceful. The problems of alcohol and drugs, I wish, I wish, I pray that they will be behind me.” (The World) And projects it in full : Troupe à Palmade that reforms every last Sunday of the month at the Théâtre de l’oeuvre in Paris around a guest of honor – the first took place on Sunday 28 April at the Theatre of the Work with Muriel Robin in the guest of honor -, the writing of a play or a film, the sequel to the Great Restaurant for France 2, play on tour with Catherine Hiegel in The Link and ride with it, why not, a Marivaux. And finally, the cinema : “Why not ? I’d love a nice supporting role.” (Le Parisien)

Find the full text of these interviews in The World of April 27, 2019 and The Parisian of 29 April 2019