Pierre Palmade : “With the drug, I thought I’d better live my homosexuality”

Chance of the calendar, Pierre Palmade has started the promotion of his autobiography, Tell my father that I am famous (ed HarperCollins), a few days after the incident which hit the headlines against his will due to his custody April 11, 2019. In this book, he speaks of him without taboo and it is also what he does in interview with The Parisian and The World. Addressing the delicate subject of his addictions, which have resulted in this night that he would have preferred not to live, he explained without a blush what role they have played in their life of homosexuality.

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When Pierre Palmade came to Paris at age 20 to engage in the business of the show, he discovers the world of the night. An environment in which it is quickly both under the influence and released : “With the drug, I thought I’d better live my homosexuality. Sober, I’m not comfortable with it. The first day I took cocaine, I had no more judgment on myself, not that I wanted to be homo. In the early years, it was like a ‘medicine’ against my self-homophobia that helped me to live in peace, my privacy, making it an arm of honor at my time in bordeaux. It is only towards the age of 30 years, I understand that this drug is a poison, a drug that is very sneaky.

I wanted to make me believe that I was hétéro

Because Pierre Palmade estimated, in The Parisian, that her education has programmed you to be straight : “I was not prepared and I felt a hatred of me. Then, I wanted to make me believe that I was straight, I fell later in the eyes and the heart of Véronique Sanson, and other women… I needed the illusion of being straight.” His relationship with the famous singer, with whom she was married from 1995 to 2004, has not ended with their divorce and they have kept a beautiful friendship : “The union that I have had with Veronique is really sacred. Even today the link that I have with it is sacred. I believe that we love each other even more than when we were married.” (The World)

Pierre Palmade, the fact of not being born in the right time, where homosexuality was taboo, has kept it from being a fulfilled man. Addictions – drugs, alcohol and sex – are a shelter and he was abused to the point of being described as a “survivor“. This has “messed [his] private life” and they were of no help for write since they affect his mind. Has an empty stomach, it is full : Troupe à Palmade, which is reformed every last Sunday of the month at the Théâtre de l’oeuvre in Paris around a guest of honor – the first took place on Sunday 28 April at the Theatre of the Work with Muriel Robin -, writing a play or a film, the sequel to the Grand Restaurant for France 2, play on tour with Catherine Hiegel in The Link and ride with it, why not, a Marivaux. And finally, the cinema : “Why not ? I’d love a nice supporting role.” (Le Parisien)

Find the full text of these interviews in The World of April 27, 2019 and The Parisian of 29 April 2019