Pink : “A 17 years old, I had a miscarriage”

The fans of Pink the know : the singer of 39 years is not the type to have the language in his pocket. The american star and made of the most touching confidences on her new album, buoyed by the first single, Walk Me Home. She explained, for example, what lies behind the title Happy.

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In this capacity, she has co-authored with Alexandra Yatchenko, Geiger, and Steph Jones, you can hear the singer sing the following words : “Since I was 17 years old, I’ve always hated my body and I feel like my body hates me.” Pink has explained to USA Today. “The reason I say that is because I’ve always had this body very masculine, very strong, almost a body of a gymnast, but, in fact, at 17 years old I had a miscarriage. I intended to keep this child. But when this happens to a woman or a girl, one has the impression that your body hates you, that it is broken or not working as it should“, she entrusted.

Pink added that it had faced several other miscarriages later before becoming a mom to two times. “I have experienced a variety of miscarriages, then I think it is important to talk about it, this shame that settles in us, of who we really are and the pain. I’ve always written my songs by thinking this way“, she said. The interpreter of What About Us has since given birth to the little Willow in June 2011 and then the crackling Jameson in December 2016. Of the children born to his tumultuous marriage with Carey Hart.

Pink has not failed to reveal that to face the tests of life, it follows a therapy for years. “I believe very much in the making of his introspection and let things get out. What I like about the therapy is that it will tell you what are your dead weight, things that you don’t see. Although this may be uncomfortable and painful, it gives the field to work“, she added.

Thomas Montet