Pio Marmaï : “After the death of my mother, it was chaos”

For the past eleven years, Pio Marmaï , navigates with ease in the French cinema, since the spotlights are turned on him thanks to his performance in the First Day of The rest of his life. The time has past, he has played roles and has been able to boast of a nomination for the César for free ! Pierre Salvadori in February last. But behind this swirl of characters is hiding an injury, which he speaks in interview to The Figaro.

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Currently in film in the drama , But you are crazy ?, to the side of Céline Sallette, Pio Marmaï, 35 years old, has more than ever the wind in its sails. But for this graduate of the Ecole supérieure d’art dramatique de Saint-Etienne, it was not only dark rooms, there are also the boards. It is in 2015 that he returned to the theatre in the skin of the serial killer Italian Roberto Zucco, a “renaissance” : “I had forgotten that was the scene, I was in a facility to link the films, I was earning wheat, I thought I’d be happy. In fact, after the death of my mother six years ago, it was chaos ; this piece to me has recharged the batteries for ten years.” For his mom, he made one of his tattoos, the initials CS, for Cathy Straub, “engraved on the biceps left“.

Very popular in his profession, Pio Marmaï rest the feet on the ground and leads a normal life : “We watch a lot of tv with my wife, “he said, avoiding to reverse the worldly, that he “abhors” according to Le Figaro : “I’m a partier but simple, without smoking, with beer and rock’n’roll.” He hoped to have children, “is expected“, and is content for the moment Ninja, his griffon-monkey 5 years, we can see on his account Instagram.