Plus belle la vie : First info on the 15 years of the series

Most beautiful the life will celebrate soon its fifteen years of existence. If it falls on the August 30, 2019, the production of the flagship series of France 3 has decided to broadcast the episodes of this anniversary next June. The reason for this ? She feared that the hearings are less important in the summer.

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Our colleagues from Télé Star reveal thatthe anniversary will last a week, with a broadcast to potentially spread out over seven days” : “The production has made a request to France 3, and is still waiting for a response, “he said. Aurélie Vaneck (Ninon) ultimately may not make his return in September because of this change in schedule. What is certain, is that Laetitia Milot will not make his comeback to the premium of fifteen years. On the other hand, the beautiful brunette 38-year-old will be back next fall, during a prime time event.

Finally, Juliette Oak, Thierry Ragueneau and Ambroise Michel have all three indicated that they wished to return“, can we read at the conclusion of the article. Tv Star also revealed that Michel Cordes (73 years old) was leaving More beautiful the life. Given that it is present since the beginning of the series, in 2004, the production has prepared an exit worthy of the name. A special episode or a prime time to be broadcasted next fall.

The interpreter of Roland Marci wants to take his retirement. Laurent Orry, who incarnated Jerome Belesta since 2015, will also be retiring from the program. The actor would now “pursue new professional projects” and should therefore “leave the series as soon as the next school year, “according to Tv Star.

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