Plus belle la vie : Michel Strings on the left ? A player insane !

In the casting since the early days of filming in 2004, Michel Cordes was an iconic figure in the series. Roland Marci is none other than the skipper of the Mistral, the famous bar of Marseille, where takes place the plot. Our confreres had claimed that the actor, 73-year-old had planned to leave “progressivelyMore beautiful the life , and that he would make his farewell to viewers in a special episode or a prime time broadcast in the autumn. However, the explanation for his departure remained unclear. Tv Star spoke different assumptions : “Will he retire in the United States and join his son François and his grandson Lucas ? Will be leaving the Mistral to die a natural death ?

If the departure of Michel Strings has been debunked, other actors may leave a More beautiful life , like Laurent Orry camped Jerome Belesta. After Tele Star, the actor would like to focus on new professional projects, and would leave the antenna as soon as the next school year.