Prince Hisahito of Japan, 12 years : 2 knives found on his desk at school

The life of the heir to the throne of power is not an easy task : while the safety of prince George of Cambridge primary school has already been threatened by two unbalanced since his arrival at St Thomas’ Battersea, and that it is for the purpose of increased vigilance, the prince Hisahito, the grandson of the emperor of Japan Akihito of Japan who is preparing to abdicate, has also been targeted by a suspect individual, who had left him on his school desk as a “gift” that is cold in the back : knives.

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Media japanese have revealed the case, as reported by the AFP, Saturday 27 April 2019, four days of the abdication of the emperor for the first time in 200 years. The school officials that prince Hisahito, 12 years old, common only since the month of April were discovered Friday, two kitchen knives on the desktop to which it installs itself on a daily basis. The young man, only son of prince Fumihito of Akishino, himself the second son of the imperial couple, and also the father of two daughters (the princesses Mako and Kako, 27 and 24 years), was not present when the knives were placed on his desk, most likely by a male suspect wearing a helmet, the presence of which was filmed in the middle of the day that day by the security cameras of the facility. He is currently wanted by the police.

A rare incident that was enough to put the authorities on the teeth so that Akihito should abdicate on Tuesday 30 April in favour of his eldest son crown prince Naruhito, epilogue typing of a process that started in the summer of 2016, when the 125th emperor of Japan had publicly discussed his physical decline and the problems induced as to the good conduct of its mission. It was then in the inability constitution to abdicate, and was well kept, respectful of the text, pronounce the word abdication, that it was not, however, difficult to read between the lines : “I have to keep myself from any comment about the rules in force of the imperial system, but I would like to tell you, as a person, what I think, “he declared in the preamble to this historic address. It should be noted that the prince Fumihito, the father of Hisahito, had called as early as 2011, to a reform of the Constitution to allow his father declining to withdraw.

On June 8, 2017, the japanese Parliament had amended the Constitution to allow for the abdication of emperor Akihito, and a few months later, the government announced the date : April 30, 2019. The next day will open for the Throne of the Chrysanthemum era Reiwa (“beautiful harmony”), with the advent of Naruhito, 59 years of age.