Prix Patrick Dewaere and Romy Schneider : Winners and losers gathered in the beauty

End of the suspense, the winners of the prizes that bear the name of the icons of cinema Patrick Dewaere and Romy Schneider were announced on April 29, 2019 to Paris : Diane Rouxel, revealed by The Head High, and Philippe Katerine, winner of the César for the best supporting role for The Big Bath last February. They followed Adeline To Hermy (Marilyn) and Nahuel Perez Biscayart (120 Beats per minute).

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Of course, there are winners and losers, but the event is in a jovial mood, and relaxed in the presence of all named, as when the announcement of the ceremony a few weeks ago. Thus, Félix Moati and William Lebghil for the men were also of the party, as Alice Isaaz for the fairer sex. The heroine of Mademoiselle de Joncquières has made the move, to the inverse of the third named, Lily-Rose Depp. A pity that the daughter of Vanessa Paradis was not able to come, in remembrance of the price that his mother had received in 1990 at the time of Wedding white. Living between France and the United States, the country of her father Johnny Depp, she is currently shooting the science fiction film Dreamland with Evangeline Lilly.

Diane Rouxel has had the great pleasure of meeting his partner in the film Voluntary, Lambert Wilson. The French actor was able to warmly congratulate his partner in the drama signed Hélène Fillières and in which the young actress confirms all his talent. Philippe Katerine was raising their glasses with its competitors but friends Felix and William. The first shot with him in The Big Bath and the second, flawless in First Year, ended up with Mr. Katerine the shooting of Yves, which will be presented at the Directors ‘ Fortnight at the Cannes film Festival 2019.