Samsung may well decline its Galaxy Fold in 8 inch and 13-inch

Samsung may be fully focused on the launch of its new Galaxy Fold, some employees have their eyes glued to the future. It is this that explains the site Phonearena, which stated that the Korean giant would like to get out of the larger versions of the device foldable. Of the patents filed by the brand suggest the two smartphones, which, once unfolded, were respectively 8 and 13 inches.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, they would be divided into three parts, and would thus have two points of deflection. The model 8-inch replierait in the interior (such as the letter ” G “), thus protecting one of its three parts.

The model the largest would take him a design in ” Z “, which would have a large slab front with one of the thirds of the screen. This will obviously use the OLED technology, on which the company has made serious progress in order to be able to bend it.

A 13-inch model would come in direct competition with tablets (the iPad Pro measuring about 12.9 inches just in case) but would have the advantage of making it much more transportable. Patent filed in the United States were already state of this project, as you can see on the sketches. All of this is still the state of rumors and one can imagine that the manufacturer will take its time if it launches in this direction. The controversy about the soundness of the screens may be slightly smarting.