SpotMini : Boston Dynamics is going to market his dog-robot very soon

Boston Dynamics is not a little proud of his SpotMini. Last week, we shared with you their latest video showing a pack of this robotic dog dragging a truck. Mark Raibert, the president of the company, recently announce that the quadruped was going to go into production as early as the month of July !

As those of you who are already swarms of robots in the streets is reassuring, only a hundred copies are to be provided. Some devices are already in the open air, but it is, in fact, models ” beta “, intended to carry out the final tests, as stated in TechCrunch.

The american firm, also states that the final version will better components, which will make them even more solid. A good news when you consider that falls are frequent. Five cameras will enhance the process so that the robot can see in each direction. Two will be placed at the front while the other sides will be entitled to.

[embedded content]

Please be aware that this robotic dog of about 25 pounds is able to work in a team, which opens up a whole bunch of possible applications in some professional circles. It features an articulated arm equipped with a stabilization system allowing it to remain perfectly fixed even when it is in motion. The craft will also be fully-electric and self-proclaimed maxes out at 90 minutes.

A companion who could therefore prove useful, but the rate of which has not yet been announced. Given the mix of technology that it represents, one imagines that he does will designate not all, of the scholarships.