Star Wars IX : J. J Abrams promises details on the parents of Rey

The mystery of the parents of Rey

In the Last of The Jedi, Rian Johnson put Rey to the rank of an orphan and gave up the opportunity to explore this relationship yet brought in The Wake of the Force. Back to the achievement, J. J. Abrams did not hear from this ear are to believe the interview he gave for ABC. “We knew this film had to have a satisfactory end. I don’t want to say that what happened in episode VIII has not existed, but there are still more to discover.” A few words, and the developer is relaunching the debate on the parents of Rey. Abrams confided to the output of the Wake-up of the Force that the heroine had not met in the episode, and many saw in Luke the father of the young Jedi. The mystery is whole and Kylo Ren should prefer that it remain that way. It would seem that the son of Han and Leïa is to be played from the young King to achieve his purposes.

“No one is ever really gone”

It is the laugh that had frozen the blood of any good fan of the saga. Thrown in the void by Darth Vader, Palpatine would die under the eyes of Luke and his father. The character made a big comeback in the saga if we are to believe the trailer and sound may be the time of the revelation to Rey. The director does not seem to draw the line on some characters missing. “The story is about this new generation of characters who depart from what they have inherited. And I think that when people you have inspired, they are always with you, whether they are alive or not.”

The Rise of Skywalker landed in France on the 15th of December, and will close the saga.