Tales Cotta caved in full parade : what is death the dummy 26-year-old ?

It all happened so quickly : he embraced a friend behind the scenes that went after him, marched with confidence, as usual, and then began to stagger, lost his balance and fell, “says Rogério Campaneli. After this fall, the guests thought Tales Cotta was a seizure. The sister of the deceased, Gabrielle Gomes, told the media that his brother had no history of this nature.

The tragedy happened in São Paulo, Brazil, where takes place the Fashion Week. Tales Cotta, 26-year-old, participated in the parade of the mark Också and has made his exit backstage to introduce himself to the spectators and photographers.

After his u-turn to return to the backstage, Tales has lost the balance and fell on the belly, to the feet of the guests sitting in the first row. Immediately taken care of by a team of firefighters present, the young man was brought to emergency in a hospital, where he was declared dead.

The agency Base Management, said : “We note that Tales never showed up, nor complained because of health problems. He maintained a healthy diet (he was vegetarian), did not use illicit substances, and was in full condition to participate in the parade.

An autopsy will determine the cause of the death of Tales.