The Avengers : a study Kantar paints the portrait of the fans Marvel

According to a study from TGI Europa 2018, 20% of the French declare themselves to be a fan of Marvel as against 11% for DC. It must be said that the hero on the side, if we are to believe the record figures of the films. Infinity War generates more than $ 2 billion at the box office and $ 4 million entries in France. It makes the portrait-robot of these fans.

The way of the team of the Avengers, the fan base of the Marvel universe is in majority male : 59 % of men. 37 % of fans are part of generation Y, born between 1981 and 1999, compared with 33% of generation X (1961-1980). Baby boomers are more fans of the universe that the Z Generation (year 2000), only represented 14 %. The average age of enthusiasts is 38 years old.

Of the paper to the canvas

They are fans of the comics where they have discovered the world of film, fans of the house of ideas the arcades. 33 % of them are going to the cinema at least once a month and are 2 times more likely to watch movies in 3D, action scenes need it… It must be said that since 2012, and the first Avengers, the house of ideas offers all of its movies in the 3rd dimension. If the fans are not going to see that Marvel in the cinema, they still have their favorite genre. On the first step, one finds without surprise the fantastic follow-up to the Science-fiction. The action and adventure to be found on the last step of the podium, ahead of the documentary which is of interest to lovers of bastons superhéroïques.

If the study does not say so, we imagine that 100 % of fans Marvel will go to the cinema to see Avengers : Endgame. The film is in the dining room since the 24th of April and already looks like the success of the year.