The navigator Brave wants to reward you if you look at advertisements

Google may dominate the internet browser market, it must constantly confront new competitors. Brave, in fact, is now part and knows a growing success. He makes it his mission to respect the privacy of its users by blocking the activity trackers, but also has the intention to propose a new model of online advertising.

Developed by Brendan Eich, cofounder of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript, the browser can be seen in many respects as contrary to Chrome. The latter has recently launch the Brave Ads, its advertising platform, on Windows, macOS and Linux. Its operation has been detailed in an official press release.

There we learn that the browser displays its own advertisements. In order to push viewers to watch, the Brave announced to offer 70% of the revenue generated by this last. Users are in effect paid with tokens named Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) which can then be redistributed to the sites that they visit (and they like). The BAT can then be converted via an automated system and used for the remuneration of their creators, bloggers or videographers favorite. This will enable the display of advertising in the settings menu of the browser.

Later, the firm wants these chips can provide access to exclusive content or real gifts like coupons for restaurants or hotels. Ultimately, she wants them to turn into money. Brave also wants to push publishers to use its service by offering ad placements where they will be able to recover 70% of revenue. The rest will be shared between the browser and the user have agreed to watch advertising.

Brendan Eich believes that this initiative will be able to help free sites to survive, which becomes increasingly difficult since the advertising revenues have fallen. The service is currently available in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and of course in the United States. Android and iOS should arrive in the next few months.