The Voice 8 : a Talent as A fan of the “beautiful feet” from Jenifer, Pierre Danaë cased

Saturday 27 April 2019, the coaches Jenifer, Soprano, Mika and the late-comer Julien Clerc have again faced the ordeal without concession to K. O. in The Voice 8 (TF1). After Jenifer, Soprano, and Mika, this is Julien Clerc, who had to separate themselves from the many Talents of its team !

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During this event, each of the Talent shows up on stage with a song of their choice. If the coach is seduced, it keeps the candidate ; if it is not, it removes it ; if he hesitates, the Talent joins the red zone waiting for the final verdict. Of course, the candidates in the red zone can be “stolen” by another coach. At the end of the K. O., each team will have 8 Talents (including 2 stolen!!) ready to face the battles.

Summary of the April 27, 2019 dedicated to the team of Julien Clerc :

Alex Adam : Forget You – Cee Lo Green

Alex is 29 years old, he had been rejected a first time contest two years ago. This year, he has been able to count on Julien Clerc for an additional chance. The coach knows that he must do work with Alex on her stage fright so they won’t be too stuck on stage. To be noticed, the young singer has chosen to take the tube to cool and packs a punch of Cee Lo Green, a title to the opposite of its takeover of William Sheller during the hearings. Julien Clerc is conquered by the proposal, but just wish that he stops apologizing for being there.

In the Face of the coaches, Alex Adam began his recovery with panache… Mika seems to be even surprised by some of the high notes of the Talent. The audience applauds and the coaches are dandinent. Julien Clerc congratulate the new insurance Alex… before you invite them to join the red zone.

Alex Adam joined the red zone. In this area, it loose especially later in the evening, entrusting it to another Talent : “what is it that she is beautiful, Jenifer, I’m sure she has beautiful feet. When you’re as beautiful as this, you’re beautiful until the end, it is have to !

Clementine : Ton absence – Yves Duteil

Clementine (16 years old) had shone at the auditions taking Fais-moi une place of Julien Clerc. Now in his team, she wants to seduce him again by singing Yves Duteil. “This is a piece that speaks of grief and I lost my dad four years ago“, she explains. During rehearsals, the coach said, annoyed, because he has nothing to say about the proposal of the girl.

In the Face of the coaches, Clementine began its recovery in the piano. His warm voice makes wonders, its interpretation also. All the coaches seem to be very attracted. Julien Clerc rises to cheer the youngest of his team. Mika said that he had been less seduced, but that he does not want her to leave. “You’re not common, “says Julien Clerc before the buzzer.

Clementine stays in the team of Julien Clerc.

Shaun : I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

Shaun had shone in showing Ziggy despite her stage fright. Julien Clerc had recruited, who was very moved, by ensuring that he wanted to see what he could do with a different style of song… tonight, he is going to be served. Unfortunately, the images of the rehearsals of Shaun are not distributed.

In the Face of the coaches, Shaun arrives on the scene with a smile. From the first notes, Mika is excited about the song choice. On the chorus, the tea dance, the Talent also, the notes are just… Julien Clerc enjoys the show. However, he wants to see other Talents before deciding… He therefore sends Shaun in the red zone.

Shaun joined the red zone.

Lily Jung : Useful – Julien Clerc

The great traveler of the competition is to return to the K. O. after causing a sensation at the auditions with a song Mongolian traditional ! According to her coach, she is “very special” and has “married culture“. He said he was touched by it. During rehearsals, she announced to the coach that she intends to resume one of his songs, Useful.

In the Face of the coaches, Lily Jung quickly attracted by his interpretation first, and then by its flight and song incredible. Jenifer and Mika are blown. “It’s beautiful !“, let go-they. Julien Clerc recognizes that they have had a disagreement in coaching and that he is glad that she has finally listened. He says, however : “I don’t know what to make of you for the battles, you are a specificity that should be kept, it is not necessary to you to alter it with something else.” Julien Clerc eliminates so Lily telling him that she should record an album of world music.

Lily Jung is eliminated.

Theophilus to Deny : You will forget me – Larusso

Theophilus is one of the winners of The Voice in Belgium, but he wished to put himself in danger by participating in our version of the talent show. For the K. O., the young man has decided to resume its sauce, less dancing, the tube unforgettable Larusso. He made it into something “dark and solemn“. Julien Clerc, advises her to be careful with his intentions, to his interpretation… but overall, the coach finds choice ambitious.

In the Face of the coaches, Théophile starts his proposal, and Jennifer seems to enjoy it. Julien Clerc and candidates in the red zone also. The more the seconds go, the more the song rises in power… the voice of Theophilus is more rock. He receives a standing ovation. Julien Clerc does not wait and buzze his Talent. He found that he had a voice “between Brel and Johnny“.

Theophilus to Deny rest in the team of Julien Clerc.

Laura : Creep – Radiohead

Laura has started the competition by picking up a song tribute to the victims of the Bataclan. For K. O., it changes its registry and wishes to resume a hit of Radiohead. “This is the favorite song of my grandmother“, she explains. Julien Clerc says it is a song very, very complicated and requires to Laura, with particular attention to the accuracy of his last note.

In the Face of the coaches, Laura starts with very soft and loose horses very gradually. Its notes higher are mastered, the interpretation is not left out. Julien Clerc is confident and it shows. He asks the opinion of Mika, before making a decision, it requests to Laura not wanting to control everything. Julien Clerc announces that it has need of time to think…

Laura joined the red zone.

Antso : Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon

Antso has a particular voice and Julien Clerc is said to the research of these voices-there. He had also blocked Mika to recruit the Talent. It is to be noted that the issuance is in its first stage. So he wanted to show that, in addition to the originality of his voice, he can sing with an orchestra and fill a stage… Unfortunately, we are not witnessing his rehearsals.

In the Face of the coaches, Antso stands out necessarily with his grain of voice… as if he was hoarse. A voice highly distinctive, which can not please everyone. The delivery often remains in the grave, apart from a few flights… “Antso, it is necessary to continue, you need to get the job, I’m not going to continue with you, “says Julien Clerc at the end of his interpretation.

Antso is eliminated.

Virginia (Lisa Angell) : Change – Maître Gims

Virginia (50 years) has already represented France at theEurovision and released three albums… but she wants more. She decided to cover a song of Master Gims for this new step. It assumes to change the cap, it ensures even adore it. Julien Clerc wants her to pay attention to the way in which she delivers the text… It is necessary to understand every word in a piano voice.

In the Face of the coaches, Lisa Angell sings perfectly well. Modernity is not necessarily there, but her singing is impeccable. It is very clean, it feels professional ! “Congratulations Virginia, you have so well sung, “says Julien Clerc. I’m not going to keep you. You don’t have to be ashamed of your course, it is not because it stops tonight as it is finished.”

Virginia is believed to be eliminated… and finally, Jenifer the rescued as she returned backstage. Virginia joined the team Jenifer.

Leonard : Oh, I course alone – William Sheller

The Swiss Leonard (21 years old) is “a genius“, “a perfectionist very strong” according to Julien Clerc. After having asked the coach if he could get close, Leonardo tells him he will resume a title of William Sheller, accompanying himself on the piano. A challenge, because the melody is very fast, the text jerky… Julien Clerc, however, is conquered during rehearsals, he gives him just two, three tips for a better start to his verses. He was conscious, however, that the “little genius” of Leonardo may annoy.

In the Face of the coach, Leonardo is very much anticipated. Its recovery is jazzy, without false note, meet the coaches… They get up all to applaud the Talent. We feel that the other coaches want to steal it to Julien Clerc… however, the star buzze to make it understood that he does not separate himself from Leonard.

Leonard remains on the team of Julien Clerc.

Loris : Way Down We Go – Kaleo

Loris (18 years old, La Rochelle) did not want to end up in the red zone. He will give everything to persuade Julien Clerc to keep it. Unfortunately, we do not attend rehearsals of the young man.

In the Face of the coaches, Loris began his recovery is smooth and leaves are then carried away by the melody and his beautiful voice does not disappoint. It is inhabited, his voice slightly gravelly very much. His outbursts on the chorus seem to satisfy Julien Clerc. “You are sympathetic, you are lived, you write, it is necessary that you continue“, said the coach, who found that her Talent was less well sung than during coaching. He decides to eliminate…

Loris is eliminated.

Valérie Daure : If only I could miss him – Calogero

Valérie, québec, is a professional. She had seduced with I Will Survive. For the K. O., a change of atmosphere, she wants to get noticed by resuming a tube moving to Calogero. Julien Clerc appreciate that it seeks to move the audience with this cover, which sticks to his personal history. As with a lot of talent, the coach asks him to pay attention to well capture the audience from the first words of the song…

In the Face of the coaches, Valerie starts with a voice very serious, and rises little by little in the treble. It also modifies a bit the melody, in a way that does not please Julien Clerc usual… The coaches have looked a bit perplexed.

Valérie Daure joined the red zone.

Laureen : What’s up – 4 Non Blondes

Laureen has failed to release an album in the past, but things are not make. She took singing lessons for four years and had not warned his relatives that it was participating in the show… their surprise when they were present in the audience. During the coaching, Julien Clerc asked Laureen to properly pronounce her “h”… It is necessary to respect the texts and the languages !

In the Face of the coaches, Laureen plays the guitar. His choice of song and his interpretation convinced the coaches and the public. Julien Clerc throws him of “bravo !” at just the delivery is complete. “You’re very genuine and very spontaneous, “says Jenifer. Julien Clerc says, not being able to get it and buzze…

Laureen rest in the team of Julien Clerc.

Ava Baya : The Money – Angela

Ava Baya (21 years old), who does not sing for a year, is a comedian and an athlete, according to Julien Clerc. He is sure that she will show a new thing at every stage of the contest. During the coaching, she announces she wants to resume Angela and asks Julien Clerc if he knows… he loves It ! He advises as always well articulated to wrap the text. Ava appreciates the side of quiet strength to her coach.

In the Face of the coaches, Ava applies the advice of Julien Clerc and book a pronunciation neat and crystal clear. His voice full of swing matches perfectly with the song of Angela… The melody is sometimes slightly changed, but the talent is there. The coach is seduced and made it very quickly in buzzant.

Ava Baya remains on the team of Julien Clerc.

Gilles San Juan : Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli

Gilles (51 years old) had seduced with an argentine tango. Tonight, he decided to try his luck with a cover of Frankie Valli… version Gloria Gaynor. Julien Clerc finds it “insanely cool“. During the coaching, he asked all the same to leave its clothes singer Latin to make it more anglo-saxon with his new recovery.

In the Face of the coaches, Gilles triggers very quickly the smiles, its solar – not very modern – is undeniable. The coaches sing with him on this hymn unstoppable. “His joie de vivre, it was very communicative, “says Jenifer. “You have very beautiful shoes, “says Mika… a bit jealous. “I do not keep, but I wish you good wind“, has finally unleashed Julien Clerc.

Gilles San Juan is eliminated.

Claire : Fortress – Michel Fugain

Claire is a musician who sings, fair and good and who is not trying to make effects with his voice, that has seduced the coach. Julien Clerc hopes that she will renew it the moment of grace and of the hearings… may be a new time with his vibraphone. Unfortunately, we are not witness to his coaching…

In the Face of the coaches, Claire has brought his vibraphone. The first notes, very melodious, captivate the audience. The Talent in the red zone appreciate them, too, the proposal. Nikos speaks of a true “magic moment” and Julien Clerc is all smiles. “It was delicious again tonight, but you are very focused on your instrument, “says Jenifer. Julien Clerc, himself, defends this choice. However, he did not want to alter it either by sending it into battle without his instrument… He loves her as she is and would prefer to stop the adventure here.

Claire is eliminated.

Camille Hardouin : I Put A Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Camille (age 32) is a “fortune teller“, a “raconteuse history” of the French song, according to Julien Clerc. She decided to sing a song of love and despair in love… I Put A Spell on You. She has written a passage in French in order to share things of a more personal nature during his recovery. Julien Clerc supports it, but wondered if it was a good song choice, she who has not a voice that is overkill.

In the Face of the coaches, Camille offers a version of the inhabited with the title blues worship. Mika and Jenifer are seduced. “It is magnificent“, says the coach. When the interpretation becomes more crazy, Camille excels there too. “It was beautiful, it was in a small film, “says Mika. Mika loves the artistic commitment of the young woman, recognizing her Talent, asked to see his texts in the future… but disposes of it before the battles.

Camille Hardouin remains in the team of Julien Clerc.

Anto : It is libre Max – Hervé Cristiani

Anto is an English teacher at the Meeting. He had already tried the contest in the past, but without convincing… This year, Julien Clerc gave him his chance. The Talent must admit to having been disappointed by his performance at the auditions… He wants to do much better for the K. O. ! Unfortunately, the images of his coaching are not released to the…

Anto began his delivery just to the side of the chairs of the coaches… additional stress. It is a lot of emphasis on the interpretation, even giving a theatrical side to his proposal. Side voice, the young man made feats. Soprano stands up to applaud the candidate. Unfortunately, Julien Clerc, however, convinced by the benefit, decides not to keep Anto…

Anto is eliminated.

Pierre Danaë : To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra

Stone has a natural charisma, according to her coach. He has chosen to take a song a little dangerous for him during battles, with notes that are a bit outside of his comfort zone. He is looking forward to working with Julien Clerc. The coach appreciates the risk-taking, but it has a little bit of fear… In coaching, some high notes were hard to pass.

In the Face of the coaches, Pierre Danaë presents with his guitar. From the first notes, Mika and Soprano are know that they appreciate a lot. Julien Clerc leaves nothing to shine through… Stone offers a service quite a floating and very neat. Mika does not hide that he loves several times… He even thinks that it is delivering the most special of all the auditions ! It may be “The Voice”. Julien Clerc apologizes with words very touching with the Talent in the red zone, but he buzze, to give his last place, to Pierre Danaë.

Pierre Danaë remains in the team of Julien Clerc.

Red Zone

In the end, Alex Adam, Shaun, Laura, Valérie Daure

Summary of the teams

Julien Clerc : Laureen, Ava Baya, Leonard, Clementine, Theophilus Renier, Pierre Danaë, Anton and Marouen (stolen from team Jenifer)

Jenifer : Poupie, Sidoine, Arezki, Shirley, Leona Winter, Petru, Geoffrey (stolen Soprano), Virginia (fly Julien Clerc)

Mika : Gjon”s Tears, Clem Chouteau, Albi, Whitney, London, Loko, Luna, Virginia, Godi (stolen Soprano)

Soprano : Clement, Mayeul, Vay, Maxime Cassady, Scam Talk, Fanswa, Hi Levels and Pledge (stolen Mika)