The Voice : A former candidate surprises her husband in Don’t forget the lyrics

Nice surprise on Wednesday 24 April 2019 Don’t forget the lyrics ! While nagui (French speacker) hosted a new edition of his music game on France 2, one of his musicians did not expect certainly not to be spoiled on the occasion of his birthday. Indeed, the bassist was happy to see land on the plateau to his beloved and tender wife, Amalya Delepierre, who is a former candidate of The Voice. The pretty brunette then grabbed the stage to sing Happy Birthday to his mate, who couldn’t hide his astonishment while continuing to play his instrument.

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Amalya has thus demonstrated the extent of his talent in Don’t forget the lyrics while nagui (French speacker) brought a birthday cake to her husband. “Amalia, the soft and tender wife of Mr. Momo, you make noise for her !”, exclaimed the facilitator before chiding with humor the couple who enlaçait. “Thank you, I don’t know what to say”, said the famous Momo, visibly moved by the attention of his wife.

Amalya Delepierre has participated in the very first season of The Voice in 2012. She had joined the team of Jenifer and was able to get up in the semi-finals of the competition. “I’m told it was a girl and that, necessarily, we would have the same sensitivity“, admitted it about his coach at the time. Two after its passage through the tele-hook, Amalya opened the doors of its first single, the end of The tale, produced by the label “sea Monster” Corporation of Master Gims.