Tony Parker, her loving message for the birthday of his son : “Already 5 years,”

Josh is the first son born of the marriage of Tony Parker and Axelle Francine. Together, they have also welcomed the adorable Liam (2 years old). It’s been more than seven years that the player of the Charlotte Hornets has met the woman of his life, in New York, in 2011. “I really need my time with Tony, we love to be together. As the years pass, the more we appreciated our moments with both. It is a husband, very considerate, always think of the card, the SMS nice. Yesterday evening, at the restaurant, we are still told how we had the chance to be met !“, gave Axelle to Paris Match in October 2018.

Tony Parker and Axelle have managed to find their balance, offering an education sometimes strict to their little boys. “I want them to be good people, they respect the people, that they do not become tyrants ! We talk about it often with Axelle. This is not obvious to them. It is more simple for those of us who remember our youth, bailiffs at the door, empty fridges… It is up to us to insist that they realize how lucky they are. So sometimes, yes, it can be hard with them, “explained the ex of Eva Longoria during the same interview.