Top Chef 2019 – Florian eliminated : “I’m disgusted, this is injustice”

Florian has been eliminated at the gates of the semi-final of Top Chef 10 (M6) ! Exclusively for Purepeople.comthe protected Hélène Darroze is going back on its superb course. The cook also refers to his disease, the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, the mounting of the programme, or his disappointment at his disposal.

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What do you feel at the time of the verdict ?

A lot of joy (laughter) ! No, clearly I am disgusted. I had the impression that I didn’t have the right to make me remove so close to the goal. For me, these quarter-finals are still a form of injustice, but after that it should be fair play, it is the game. It is necessary to accept it, but I’m super disappointed.

How do you explain the fact that you don’t be won to pass in spite of your beautiful plates always complimented ?

It is complicated to explain. The kitchen, this is subjective. Each leader has his palace. But when it turns six times in the same sense, it is hard to digest. Especially as I had three times the best plates. This is not fair, but I think if I had done 60 tests, I would have ended up 60 times a second. And even if I had been alone during the tests, I think I would have finished second !

What was the best moment of your adventure ?

There are two of them, I can’t choose. Already, when I was chosen by the three chefs in the first episode, and then when I won the Michelin. It was judged to be blind, and I was chosen by the five judges, it was really amazing !

What was the most difficult moment for you ?

If you don’t count my disposal, the moment, the more difficult it was when we had to eliminate Camille. I tore out the heart, it really wasn’t obvious.

You are suffering from the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, how do you feel about that ?

It is an immune disease, it not not cure. Finally, the least one has not yet found the magic cure. But, I’m fine, I’m not one to complain. I have treatments every week, there are really worse than me. I have made this handicap a force, I have always been there for me. It helps put into perspective as when I see my cousin a paraplegic, I say to myself that I can not allow myself to complain.

The disease has made me stronger

During episodes, Alexia was injured at the last chance. Baptiste revealed himself to be also injured in any of the castings. Have you also been injured off ?

I was there when Baptiste is injured, it is open ! I’ve been lucky enough not to hurt me, but I had some troubles with the wrist. I was hurt at the level of the carpal tunnel just prior to the event with the inspectors of the Michelin guide. I did the test with a sore wrist crazy. Like what, it didn’t stop me to win ! I wore chance. I would limit that had hurt me before the quarter-finals (laughs) !

How did you experience your first television experience ?

I’ve very well lived. With Merouan, I am the one who has the better market in the program. People recognize me in the street, it is pleasant ! But it is true that after the first test, there were things not very cool to say in the press. I read that I had dredged Hélène Darroze, that was just fun, that I was a keke… I found it shameful, especially for my family who has read it. The gist of it is that I win, that three heads choose me and then, somehow, people have come to get to know me and saw that I was just the opposite.

Some of your friends like Ibrahim, have criticised the mounting… what do you think ?

It is easy to criticize when one starts early and that there is lack of awareness. If the production truquait the issue, that the assembly was made according to the personalities, I think that Merouan and I would be gone in the final ! Nobody force us to say what we say, it is necessary to accept it. It is in everyday life as on tv.

Have you kept in contact with your chef, Hélène Darroze ?

Yes, I’ve had the phone three weeks ago. I’ve also eaten at his restaurant, Jòia. They don’t talk often, but when I need, she is there. I also kept in contact with Philippe Etchebest. With a friend, we spent four hours with him to discuss. I didn’t win Top Chef, but great relationships with chefs, and this is my most beautiful victory.

Who do you support as a candidate still in the running ?

It’s complicated ! But I’m behind Samuel and William, are my two great friends of the adventure since the very beginning. Elsewhere, find themselves in the quarter-finals of all three, this was not easy.

You are the deceiver of the season, you have many admirers… Are you a heart to take ?

I’m single ! Therefore, I am a heart to take, but I am difficult, I will commit not with anyone.

Do you want to reinvent tv ?

Make of tv I liked, but if I retry the experience, this would definitely be in my domain, the kitchen. For the moment, I have not had a proposal, but if ever I have it, why not !

What are you doing today ?

With the association Arc-en-ciel, we try to help the sick children in realizing their dreams. I also have a YouTube channel with a friend, Chef & co, which will soon be launched. It is a concept of food training. I am also looking for investors to help me open on the Paris a fast food restaurant where you eat healthy with a little surprise in the basement ! Next, I do a cooking class, my goal is to make a tour of France in the people and making them discover the world of Top Chef.

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