Tulisa disfigured by the surgery : “I had an allergic reaction…”

Tulisa made her comeback on the music scene, with Daddy, her brand new single. During an interview in the british issuance Lorraine conducted to ensure the promotion, the singer of 30 years is back on a choice that has rotten his life : his Botox injections on the face. In 2014, seeing that she her interventions, particularly in the lips, his fans had started to tell him “stop”.

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I have gone through various stages, I had an allergic reaction to a component of injections, and then it took me some time to get rid of it. I still have the product in the lips, just leave it there. My face suits me now“, she confesses, pursing her lips to form a fish mouth. Tulisa had withdrawn from public life after a series of unfortunate personal problems, a conviction for trafficking in cocaine and the release of a sextape devastating. “I just needed a little time and I needed to understand what I wanted to do, and simply heal. The journey was very long, but I feel good. Better than ever, “says the former judge of X Factor.

During its hours of glory, Tulisa was part of the group N-Dubz. “I didn’t talk to them, there has been no discussion on a possible reunion, “she said about the members of his former group. “X Factor is an experience that has changed my life. I loved the show, I loved doing it, “says Tulisa, clearly available to do the next season…

In the meantime, his fans will have to settle for her latest single, Daddy, unveiled in April 2019. She appears to be wearing a wig pink. A person completely different than that of her debut.