Véronique Sanson is celebrating its 70th anniversary and presents Henri, his guardian angel

Véronique Sanson celebrates its 70th anniversary with three concerts at the Palais des Sports in Paris from 24 April 2019. The artist comes back from far away. She redid the scene from only a few weeks after radiation therapy and months of rest to cure a tumor of the tonsils. If the cancer has stifled the moral, Sanson said that she could always rely on her guardian angel… a man called Henri.

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Tuesday, April 23, in Release, Véronique Sanson explained that nothing was consoling her diagnosis : “I just feel like total disappearing… I had to do everything that you told me to do to heal. For once, I am not rebelled. But nothing comforted me. Especially not the music, because I was very afraid of not being able to compose a song, write the texts, or go on stage. I fell into a deep depression. I had me a real big sob, which broke out one day, when I was all alone – of course ! Then he left, in my screams.

In Le Parisien, Wednesday, Véronique Sanson added that she believed that the cancer was in the order of things, after a life of excess that they do is nothing denied, but also that Henri would always be there to save her. Henri ? A guardian angel, a ghost, a presence, a silent but reassuring, and fundamentally benevolent. Sanson believes : “It is my guardian angel and I was never abandoned. Sometimes, I lend it to people who have greater needs than me, and it works. Henri appeared when I was living in Orgeval. He never talks about it, but I know that he is with me. In Los Angeles, he still managed to drop a wardrobe full of books. This is going to make people laugh, they will say : ‘It is completely chtarbée.’ But the ghosts exist.

Henri has therefore worked well. Véronique Sanson is back on stage with the same dexterity on the keys of his piano, and a voice is miraculous : “By chance, my vocal cords have not been attacked, and my voice has not been affected. On the contrary, it was neat, I have more treble, I have a grain different. I had the impression of not being the same singer.