Video games, private concerts, credits VTC… Here are the benefits of the most original start-ups French

After the salary, the social benefits are the second most important factor for jobseekers when evaluating an employer or a job. To attract the best elements, some start-ups do not hesitate to use great means ! And if Silicon Valley knows how to convince in this way, their French counterparts also know how to do.

The website Glassdoor, specializing in job search, has collected many opinions and compiled a list of the ten French companies that offer the most original. He noted, however, that these benefits are not a guarantee of loyalty on the long-term but represent a good way to attract the interest of candidates.

ManoMano, as gardening enthusiasts (among others) are familiar, for example, offers a workshop of diy in free access. But this is not all as the company also puts at their disposal a music room, a gym, a room for creativity, or even a terrace.

The famous community platform of carpooling French BlaBlaCar is more original. She, for example, enables its employees to go to work in offices of BlaBlaCar abroad one week per year. Even more fun, she has developed a quiz to learn the name of his colleagues in a fun way.

Without surprise, Deezer will appeal to music lovers. The box offers its employees private concerts in its offices and makes available a music studio equipped with a piano and guitars.

Kapten (formerly Private Driver) wants to avoid in its 250 employees to take the metro. It is for this reason that it offers 100 euros of credit per month on its application to its employees. Practice !

Ubisoft account may be 13 000 employees in the world, but does not balk at offer games, access to a large game library as well as discounts on various cultural events.

Frichti intends to satisfy its employees because it offers lunch and afternoon snack every day. They may even leave with food in them. It is not more expensive to eat well.

The start-up Aircall has beautiful specialize in the telephony business, it wants its employees to “drop out” from time to time. It offers a one-week stay in an exotic destination, to bring together its teams in paris and new york.

The online school OpenClassrooms has seen a good growth and wants to heal his people. One of the advantages of the most popular are the holiday unlimited (to a reasonable extent, we imagine) and a premium of € 1,000 for all those who have taken more than 15 days of vacation.

Evaneos specializes in the sale of travel (on the Internet). So she made a call to an architecture firm for redesigner its offices and instil an atmosphere of travel. Maps, signs, travel souvenirs and even a mini-van decorate the office ! A course of free yoga is even offered on Wednesday (among other grants !)

Snips markets wizards voice smart supposed to better respect your privacy. The company offers many free courses to promote in-house development. Foreign languages, swimming and even rock climbing are offered.

Then, she is not beautiful “the start-up nation” ?