Well, the last trailer of the movie Sonic leaves us pretty damn confused

Between Pikachu and Sonic, we can say that the rodents a little weird on the side at this time. Scheduled for November 20, 2020, the film of Sonic the Hedgehog has, however, done much talking on the web. After you have discovered the poster of the film, here come the first real trailer. As we had already announced, the long-feature film mixing cgi and live action and will take place in the current world.

We discovered a Sonic bantering (doubled by Ben Schwartz) and his best friend Tom, who will try to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik. The latter wants to seize the animal in order to exploit his immense power, and thus dominate the world.

Finished the body pudgy (which they slowed down visibly not), and up to a sportier stance… And hairy. It was indeed difficult to believe that the fur of this last one can be really spicy. But at least the sneaker red are still there !

[embedded content]

This trailer is also the occasion to meet Jim Carrey, who will play Robotnik, and that it was decked out with a beautiful moustache for the occasion. The resemblance stops there as it reminds you that the Nemesis of the hedgehog, it looked like this :

The feature does not seem to have been carried out to pay homage to Sonic, but rather to take advantage of it. However, there is still nearly a year before its release so fingers crossed hoping for a nice surprise. But at the time it is, we would rather a room on the raccoon power of Nintendo.