Without surprise, the Avengers : Endgame gets the best start in the history of the box-office US

Avengers : Endgame was released last Friday in the United States, but has already been the effect of a tidal wave. The specialized firm Exhibitor Relations has just to indicate that the feature film has collected $ 350 million in just three days in the United States and Canada.

Figures that give the dizziness, and do not include many other countries. Fans around the world have obviously been given an appointment since it has generated more than $ 1.2 billion (approximately one billion euros) since its release last Wednesday. China is part of the Marvel Mania because this game has already helped recover $ 330 million. The spectators hexagon were also output as 700 000 of them are lined up in the halls on the first day !

Avengers : Endgame is thus shattered the previous record… Held by the Avengers : Infinity War. This is not necessarily very surprising, since it signals the end of a saga consisting of 22 films, which began there more than eleven years now. We can therefore understand why the fans have made the trip. It was so excited to see how will the evolution of these figures over the next few weeks. The film of the brothers Russo is at risk of becoming a serious contender to Avatar, which remains the most profitable film in the history of cinema (2.78 billion dollars).

Superheroes are definitely in the feast, as the second movie at the box office in US is… Captain Marvel (7.2 million euros). Disney must therefore be rubbing their hands.