Zahia : Become an actress, she is expected at the Cannes film Festival !

Ex-escort girl entry in the light of media through a case glaucous that bears his name and which involved the footballers of the France team, Zahia has tried several occupations since it is well-known. A time creator of lingerie, she has also been an ephemeral pastry. It is found as an actress.

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For the 51st edition of the Fortnight, it will be necessary to expect to see the red carpet walked by the young woman, now aged 27. Then it is made discrete in recent years, simply, a point of view in the media, feeding its account of Instagram pictures of more sexy one than the other, it has worked in the shadows for his new career. Zahia, who was shot under the direction of Marilou Berry for the needs of the comedy Josephine rounds (out in 2016, almost 900 000 entries at the box office), returns with a film in competition at Cannes. A first for her and the opportunity to make a sensation on the market !

In fact, Zahia has made the last summer in the movie A girl easy, directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. This film was selected for the directors ‘ Fortnight, the selection that is parallel to works organized in the framework of the prestigious Cannes film Festival. A girl that is easy tells the story of Naima (played by Mina Farid), a teenage girl of 16 years who is going to live a memorable summer on the Côte d’azur. She will follow the footsteps of her cousin Sofia, a young woman of 22-year-old incredible body and life-style dangerously seductive… One will also find the cast Benoît Magimel and Clotilde Courau.

There is no doubt that Zahia, who does not regret her past as an escort , and without being ready to back, follow with other roles in the hope of expanding its new career.

Thomas Montet