1 Gbps and beyond : performance ébouriffantes of the 5G

Verizon has launched the marketing exclusivity of the Galaxy S10 5G in the United States ; the Samsung smartphone is offered at 1 299 $. A release that allows you to experience the coverage of the network 5G of the american operator. It is embryonic : some corners of Chicago and Minneapolis, are covered, and it is almost everything (read : 5G : the us carriers will only cover the cities). But when you are in the right place, the performances are without common measure with 4G networks even more efficient !

@Chris Welch

Users lucky that accumulate Galaxy S10 5G + cover 5G which is going well may benefit from a downstream rate of more than 1 Gpbs, and a speed upward of 60 Mbps. Walking around in Chicago, Chris Welch of The Verge was able to download Iron Man 2 on Prime Video in the best quality in… 90 seconds.

Such download speed, it is certainly impressive even if it is necessary to put the price as well for the device only to the was drilling (read : Verizon : the 5G faster, so more expensive). At the present time, it is not always possible to use the smartphone of Samsung connection sharing : so we can’t benefit of its other devices, the flow rates of the 5G. In addition, the millimeter waves of the Verizon network can not penetrate to the interior of the buildings.

In the current state of the uses, it is not certain that this is quite useful to have all the time of these performances ; after all, many users would simply already have access to a 4G solid home. The 4G will be in all kinds of ways complementary of the 5G again for years to come (read : The 4G is not dead, long live the 5G !).