50 000 songs in this iPod Classic 1 Tb

In September 2014, Apple put an end to a beautiful story, that of the iPod Classic. The last survivor of the line “classic” of the player, with its wheel and its interface with menus, drew then his reverence. A few weeks later, Tim Cook explained that Apple had done with the unit for lack of parts available. A sad end for a portable audio player still enjoyed today, but more and more difficult to flush out. Or at prices that are insane !

Remy Sternbach, a repairer of the side of San Diego, has said it could make it a business. It offers on the site of his shop models iPod Classic equipped with 1 Tb of storage (!), a capacity of six larger than the 160 Gb model of the original. Roughly 50 000 songs in your pocket.

To put this SSD, Remy hack the motherboard to make a little room, and most importantly, it receives from a canadian provider of back metal gathering is almost identical to those of Apple — in addition to the indication of ” 1 TB “, which is going well. The façade is new, as is the dial and the battery (you can even choose a larger battery as an option !). Of course, all this has a price : you can afford a iPod 5th generation for 760 $, or a model of the 7th generation to 810 $. @CultOfMac