63 hours of juice for the Apple Watch with the new battery Belkin

Belkin has launched a new external battery for the Apple Watch, the BOOST↑CHARGE Power Bank 2K. The small compact will provide up to 63 hours of charging the watch connected (3 full charges and a half, roughly), that we will ask on the tension built. The battery of the device recharges itself via a micro USB port, which is a little disappointing at the time of any USB-C (the manufacturer provides a USB cable-A).

The device, whose design is reminiscent of the Jack Load, just reload the Apple Watch : no question here of using the battery for remplumer something else (the Valet Charge replenishes the watch and an iPhone need to).

BOOST↑LOAD is certified MFi, it costs $ 60 and it is not yet available in France. This should come quickly, the products Belkin are generally distributed on the Apple Store throughout the world.